As one of the world's largest oil and Gas Company, Azerbaijan state oil company SOCAR, has joined forces with Mediterranean largest independent storage company DELTA RUBIS to energize Ceyhan area. SOCAR is starting with marine fuel sales operations in Ceyhan, Turkey after obtaining license from the Energy Market Regulatory Authority. (EMRA) 

Marine fuels storage and supply agreement has been signed for a 5 year period between SOCAR Turkey Distribution which will be active in fuels, aviation and marine sales businesses, and DELTA RUBİS, the Mediterranean region's largest independent storage company having an experience over a quarter of a century in Ceyhan area.

SOCAR MARINE, with its high experience, strong customer relationship, superior products and operational excellence and quick response is aiming to activate the potential of Ceyhan and to build marine fuels market growing and make it an important bunkering hub internationally.

Ceyhan, which is one of the most important energy hubs in the world, is at the crossroads of Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan (BTC) and the Kerkük –Yumurtalık pipelines. It includes regional ports and increasing marine traffic, reaching to 30 million tons of dry cargo, 55 million tons of crude oil per year is becoming one of the most important energy hubs globally. The co-operation between SOCAR and DELTA RUBİS will be the driving force for the sound and sustainable growth of the trade activities in the region.

Sharing his views, CEO of SOCAR Turkey Petroleum Energy Distribution Company Mutluay DOĞAN: "Ceyhan region has strategic importance to SOCAR. This region is an area where Azerbaijan oil meets the world markets, and SOCAR is the main user of this route. Now with this co-operation we took the first step in order to make Ceyhan an important hub of international marine fuels supply. Starting with the fuels sale to crude oil tankers; we will be the first provider of the comprehensive marine sales service in the Mediterranean region of Turkey. We have chosen Delta RUBIS, as our partner on this journey. I believe these two major brands with their strong experience, superior product quality, operational excellence and quick responding structures will add value to maritime industry." he said. 

Sami HABBAB, CEO of DELTA RUBİS said: In line with the growing volume of trade and investment projects in the region, in 2012, we have been accelerating our investment in Ceyhan Terminal. In this context, we are building a new jetty with 6 berths accommodating vessels up to 200.000 dwt, a new terminal investment for bunkering and domestic supply activities. Cooperation with SOCAR will transform Ceyhan to an international bunker fuels service center. Accordingly, we expect, in the next 5 years, the region's marine fuels sales to reach 2 million tons per year. As DELTA RUBIS, we are pleased to be together with the one of the world's major oil company SOCAR in this project. We think this togetherness would be a great contribution to the development of Ceyhan region" he said.