H.S.E. Policy

Global Terminal Services - GTS, which fulfills its responsibilities to the future while meeting the power need of the 21st century, has accepted health, safety and environment awareness as its priority principle of work. All activities of GTS are arranged in view of protection of the environment, and Global Terminal Services - GTS has made sustainability and protection of the environment one of its primary performance criteria. The fact that all of GTS is operated at international standards has played a major role in its successful cooperation with the oil giants for more than a period of twenty years as well as other stakeholders. The successful past of Global Terminal Services - GTS in safety is an indicator showing that environmental awareness has gone deep in recognition for all employees from top to bottom.

The primary target of Global Terminal Services - GTS is to prevent the risk factors to occur on the subject of environment and safety.

  • Regular HSE* trainings are provided to all employees in GTS
  • Regular practices are made
  • Compliance with HSE standards of the plants is ensured in coordination with entities such as Briggs Environmental Services (Britain), which is among the leading international engineering and design companies
  • Operational procedures are developed in a way to minimize all risks
  • In addition to training and maintenance activities, measures taken are constantly observed by independent HSE supervisors.

Global Terminal Services - GTS, is very careful about Environmental Protection and acts in awareness that HSE is not only a responsibility to the future and the community, but also a factor in way of operation in all of its works from follow-up of storage, transportation and distribution activities to waste management, emission control and regular maintenances.
In this context, Global Terminal Services - GTS targets at the following in order protect and safeguard and its assets and people,

  • Prevention of sea pollution,
  • Providing safe working environments and avoiding any work accidents that the employees may suffer
  • Avoiding occupational diseases in all areas of the locations it is active,
  • Reduction in the natural resources consumed,
  • Permanent development in line with legal conditions with its increasing operational potential

Global Terminal Services - GTS, Dortyol Terminal and headquarters obtained the certificates of ISO 4500:2018, ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 9001:2008 in 2008, and renewed such documents in 2017 through a recertification audit made by an independent external audit firm.

*HSSE, is an abbreviation for Health, Safety, Security and Environment in the international literature.