1. 1984

    - Formation of Delta Group and start of operation with Iskenderun floating warehouse.

    - Commencement of logistics operations in Dortyol Terminal

  2. 1985

    - Establishment of Iskenderun land terminal (300K cbm)

  3. 1987

    - LPG land fleet (350 trailers)

  4. 1989

    - Establishment of Dortyol LPG terminal (65K cbm)

  5. 1992

    - Start of LPG distribution operation throughout Turkey 

  6. 1997

    - Sale to BP/MOBIL consortium of all LPG activity.

  7. 1999

    - Liquid fuel distribution license acquisition throughout Turkey.

  8. 2000

    - Start of operation with Poti, Georgia floating storage facility (33K cbm).

  9. 2002

    - Opening of Poti, Georgia land terminal (37K cbm)

  10. 2004

    - Rebranding of the Petrol Station Business as GULF with a 45 year licensing agreement.

  11. 2005

    - Expansion of Poti Land Terminals (New Capacity 70,000 cbm)

  12. 2006

    - Commissioning of the first advanced technological biodiesel plant in Turkey.

  13. 2008

    - Completion of Ceyhan terminal investment project (increase to 650.000 cbm)

  14. 2011

    - Sale of Poti, Georgia terminal

  15. 2012

    - Start of 2.3 km jetty, bunker, import and transit tank construction for Ceyhan terminal

    - French storage company Rubis Terminal ( bought 50% of Delta Petrol and the company name changed to Delta Rubis.

  16. 2013

    - Delta Rubis has started bunkering operation in Ceyhan Terminal.

    - Marine fuels storage and supply agreement has been signed for a 5 year period between Delta Rubis, the Mediterranean region's largest independent storage company having an experience over a quarter of a century in Ceyhan area and SOCAR Turkey Distribution which will be active in fuels, aviation and marine sales businesses.

  17. 2014

    - Delta Rubis has embarked in building the largest jetty of the Mediterranean which has six berths with a maximum draft up to 16.50 meters, accommodating vessels up to displacement tonnage is 230,000 tonnes.

    - Delta Rubis has received USD 65 mio of structured loan from international markets to finance the ongoing Jetty Investment program. The USD 65 mio facility was arranged by BNP Paribas Group.

  18. 2015

    - Rubis Terminal Petrol successfully completed it's newest jetty investment and welcomed the first two vessels to Dortyol Terminal, as four types of cargo (ULSD, Gas oil, Fuel Oil and VGO) loading operations began at our new Jetty on August 03, 2015. 

  19. 2017

    Rubis Terminal has fully acquired all shares from its previous partner Delta, and now is operating as a sole owner of the newly named RUBIS TERMINAL PETROL in Turkey. 

  20. 2022

    Rubis Terminal Petrol has been renamed Global Terminal Hizmetleri A.Ş.with a new brand Global Services - GTS will contiınue to operate with the same organizational culture structure with more than 30 years of its experienced team in Turkey.