Type of Services

Crude Oil and petroleum derivatives delivered exclusively by international companies are stored within the scope of the transit regime and handled, subject to the grant by the Customs Authority of a handling permit (making of a declaration) upon application for each individual handling operation, at the jetty and the storage terminal owned by us.

Bunker services are also provided at our terminal within the frame of the Storage License dated 07.04.2016 and numbered DEP/6197-2/36775 which has been issued in our name by the Energy Market Regulatory Authority.

We provide services for our international customers within the framework of the service fees and principles determined in light of international market conditions. Within the context of transit regime, the services we provide to vessels and our service tariffs have been announced on our company website www.globalterminal-tr.com as per the “Communiqué on the Services Provided to Vessels in Coastal Facilities” which has been published in the Official Gazette dated 11.12.2020 and numbered 31331, with effect from the date of publishing of the said Communiqué. The referred service items and tariffs shall remain in force until a further announcement/update has been made on our website www.globalterminal-tr.com. The terminal can offer its services at prices which are lower than the price caps specified in the price list for service items, based on changes to our international customer portfolio, duration and volume of services and other such factors which may cause changes in service items. For further information, you may contact the terminal.

In light of the above, the main services provided to vessels at our terminal and the relevant tariffs are as follows:

Jetty Sheltering Fee; It is calculated on the basis of the days the ship stays at the port during the loading/discharge operation on a calendar day basis and GRT. The day the ship berths or leaves is counted as a full day.

Daily accommodation fees are calculated that the ship's gross tonn divided by 1000, rounded up to integers, and multiplied by 25 usd.  Shelter fees are applied with a 50% discount for vessels operating on the cabotage line.  Shelter fee is applied with a 25% discount to Turkish flagged ships making international voyages.

Jetty Services and scope: Our jetty makes our terminal the biggest port in the Middle East and is equipped with the latest technology to provide services up to international standards. Our service fees which cover loading and unloading products up to 5,000 m3 / hour on a 7/24 with fully automatic connecting and disconnecting arms basis and 16.5 meters of draft at its deepest point as well as spreading on sea surface and collection of a sea barrier to prevent possible marine pollution during the ship's service, fire support service, transportation to the ship, ISPS services, lighting, loading master and protective supervision services.

All fees specified in the price tariff are collected from the ship owner, captain or the ship agent prior to the commencement of the provision of services.

Up to 50.000 DWT, 1.25 usd/DWT

Between 50.001 and 100.000 DWT, 1.00 usd/DWT

Over 100.001 DWT, 0.75 usd/DWT

On public holidays and national holidays, service charges are applied with 50% increase.

  • Jetty Excess Berth Services 3.0 usd/100GT per hour
  • Waste Collection Services

Provision of pilotage and towing services to vessels are not among the services provided at our terminal. These services are provided by a firm authorized by the governmental authorities pursuant to İskenderun Port Directive. At present, pilotage and towing services for vessels are rendered by ANKAŞ Anadolu Klavuzluk A.Ş. (https://ankaspilot.com/services/iskenderun) which has been duly authorized.

In regard to waste collection services, the tariff on the services provided at shore facilities, as announced on the basis of the Regulation on Receiving Waste from Vessels and the Control of Waste issued by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation and published in the Official Gazette dated 26.12.2004 and numbered 25682, is applicable.