Global Terminal Services - GTS is capable to provide value added services such as blending, additivation, build bulk, break bulk and quick vessel turnaround service activity. Dortyol Terminal accommodates international fuels ranging from Americas to Asia and assists in the distribution of the fuels to the regional markets.  

Terminal is also interconnected to nearby neighboring countries such as Iraq by road and rail roads. These areas are able to export and import fuels through the Terminal, as one of the shortest and cheapest route for access to international markets.

With the envisaged expansion investment growth, Global Terminal Services - GTS already built additional transit tanks along with a jetty infrastructure to service a longer haul traffic and became a truly international  transit oil hub in the Mediterranean.

Global Terminal Services - GTS, today, is the largest independent storage facility in the Mediterranean, with 47 tanks that offer a combined 721,600 cubic meters of storage for white and black products as well as crude oil.